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Change Management

Help your users make the switch

When you migrate to G Suite, you can become a more flexible organization that performs collaboratively, responds quickly to change, and works better together.

Change management can help your team transition to cloud technologies quickly and efficiently by communicating early and providing support and training.

Use change management to:

  • Help ensure a seamless transition for your team when you switch to a cloud based solution.
  • Address the concerns your team may have about changing what they’re used to.
  • Help your team become more productive, more quickly.
  • Help your team see the future vision and to start to transform their processes and methods.

Change Management Process

A successful change management program consists of the following elements:

  • Active, visible executive sponsorship is critical for getting the entire workforce on board.
  • Peer mentors to provide peer-to-peer support. These early-adopters help spread important messages and educate their peers.
  • A fun, engaging, multi-channel communications plan. Think beyond email to communicate in a stimulating way that really gets the message across.
  • Training for employees both before and after go-live: The greater the investment in training, the greater the employee-buy-in.
  • Transformation labs to provide real-world examples of the new vision and motivate and inspire change.
  • An innovation council to sustain the change. Post-project teams are vital in securing change and driving future innovation, while employee-led groups, such as innovation councils, ensure ongoing commitment among colleagues.

The investment of time and money in change management activities has a significant positive impact on the project. The more you do, the better the result. Change management activities help to increase collaboration and reduce costs. Ultimately, these actions increase efficiency, innovation and revenues, resulting in a more fulfilling and attractive workplace.