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App Builder

An easier way to build applications on the Google Cloud Platform

AppBuilder lets you create business applications in hours to days. Designed for power users and Citizen developers.


A Rapid Development Platform for the Google Cloud

While custom development will always give you the most flexibility and power, there are many typical business applications that simply don’t require such complex tooling. App Builder is a drap-drop-and-configure application development platform that lets even tech-savy business users create powerful, secure and highly functional applications.

App Builder is a secure SOA platform, allowing applications to share data, preventing data repetition and data-islands. It also has a simple to configure, but fairly powerful workflow engine to support most business needs.

Unlimited Custom Apps

User’s have a personal dashboard that shows them the applications they can launch and those they can develop. Permitted users can also create new applications.

Drag, Drop, Configure: Simple.

An application’s forms can be quickly and easily created using the build in form editor. Simply drag, drop and configure the required form elements. A wide range of field types are available, each with specific configuration options. Most fields support validation criteria.

Flexible, Secure Workflow

Add workflow, including conditional actions and email notifications. Each field or section can have different display and edit rights for each workflow stage and role.

Find Your Data – Summary Views and Search

Build summary views so your users can view and find their records. Search is always available, by view or across the whole application. Robust security means a user can only see, create, edit or delete what they are supposed to.

Google Material Design UI

Users of the generated applications get a Google Material Design based UI (User Interface). Designers can change color scheme and icon to give each application a unique identity, but layout is kept consistent to simplify the user experience and lessen training requirements.

Responsive Design – Smartphone

The UI design is also responsive to handle desktop, tablet and smart phone clients, with no additional work. This screen shows the same form as shown above, but with the browser set to emulate a smartphone.

App Builder features

  • Allow tech-savvy business users to create their own applications, with minimal IT involvement.
  • Simple Drag-Drop-and-Configure form designer – No HTML or JavaScript knowledge required.
  • Create device agnostic, browser based applications that work on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones out of the box.
  • Workflow can be added to any form: Including serial, parallel and conditional stages. Customized email messages can be sent at each stage.
  • Create data views for each form’s records, including filtering, sorting and role based access.
  • Applications automatically make their data available, security permitting, to other App Builder applications.
  • All applications and their data are protected by a robust and highly configurable security model, based on your existing Google credentials. Access can be controlled at the application, form, field, approval stage level. Also each type of data (form) can separately specify if its data can be used in lookups and web services.
  • A small application with a simple workflow can be created and deployed in less than 2 hours.