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IBM Digital Experience – Enterprise Portal

Create, Manage and Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences

A rich, meaningful digital experience is the key to effective engagement in today’s integrated digital world. Companies are able to customize digital experiences for their employees with personalized, targeted content for fully connecting with customers, coworkers and Business Partners in the most powerful and productive way. IBM Digital Experience provides a powerful framework to allow you to surface disparate content and data sources into cohesive web pages, and greatly simplifies functionality integration.

What’s new in IBM Digital Experience Software

IBM Digital Experience V9 is now available. V9 provides customers with enhanced capabilities to deliver engaging, personalized and consistent omni-channel experiences. Key features include:

  • Powerful integration to IBM Watson Content Hub which provides access to cognitive tagging and cloud based content management, allowing a risk-free Hybrid Cloud deployment option.
  • Simpler and more streamlined integration across IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solutions.
  • Continuous delivery model – accelerating the deployment of new features and eliminating the need for major migrations.

IBM Forms Experience Builder – What it can do for your business

IBM® Forms Experience Builder enables line of business users to create web forms applications for stand-alone use or for customer and employee websites. Non-technical users are able to create sophisticated web applications complete with forms, database storage, reports, security and more. Solutions designed with IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) are agile and easily changed to accommodate changing business requirements for quicker responsiveness to customer and market needs.

Cloud-Style Deployment

Deploy a single software instance in the cloud, or on site, that provides a collaborative environment for all users. Forms applications are automatically deployed to this shared environment, without needing to involve IT.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to understand user interface allows users to be productive in developing applications with minimal training.

Simple Workflow

Flexible, role-based workflow, with notifications, and robust and capable access control allow most business workflows to be modeled easily and quickly.

Adaptive, Extensible Behavior

Create apps for mobile, tablet or desktop browsers.

Flexible Integration

Easily add FEB apps to your customer or employee website.