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Custom App Development

Our Specializations

We have a long and successful track record developing applications on the following technology stacks:

  • Java development with Spring, Hibernate ORM, Play, …
  • JavaScript development with Angular.js, Node.js, …
  • SQL and NoSQL databases, both on-site and cloud based
  • Cloud object storage integration for media and files
  • SOA development
  • WebSphere Portal development (Portlets, services, filters, …)
  • Lotus Notes/Domino client and web (XPages and traditional)

Our Approach

Even small apps should be built right

Many companies might build you a nice looking application that meets your specified needs, but only a true partner will develop it in such a way that even potential future needs are taken into account. Even if you ask us to build a stand-alone application, we will always push to architect and code it so that it won’t become another island of proprietary data back by use-once code.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and modularization and reuse of code aren’t just buzzwords for us. They’re how we think.

Mobile Application Development

Multi-channel First

Mobile First is a fashionable buzz-phrase these days, but like all such talking points, it oversimplifies the realities of real business situations. Focusing only on the mobile version of an application, and then expanding it for desktop/laptop can lead to sub-optimal design for the traditional clients. Focusing solely on desktop/laptop and then stripping down for mobile is even worse.

If you are doing multi-channel delivery, then you must do the design and architecture for all versions together, right at the start. Seeing the big picture clearly at the beginning, is always the best approach in any project.