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Google Cloud Platform

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Fully Managed Platform

Google Cloud Platform completely abstracts away infrastructure so you focus only on code. Build modern web and mobile applications on an open cloud platform: bring your own language runtimes, frameworks, and third party libraries. Go from zero to planet-scale and see why some of today’s most successful companies power their applications on App Engine.

For All Language Communities

Out of the box, App Engine supports Node.js, Java, Ruby, C#, Go, Python, and PHP. Developers from these language communities can be productive immediately in a familiar environment: just add code.

Growing Ecosystem of Services

App Engine is designed for you to tap into a growing ecosystem of managed services, just an API call away. Choose from SQL, NoSQL and object storage, services like Cloud Pub/Sub and email; great developer tools, GSuite integration, and monitoring and diagnostics options.

Why Citent

Citent has extensive experience in GCP development.  We have created a development framework that we can leverage to complete client projects more quickly, at lower cost, and with easier code management. The framework is built from the best open source libraries and toolsets, combined with code we have honed over numerous client projects. Why reinvent the whole wheel? Build one  just reconfigure and tweak the one you created earlier.

We have experience in many GCP and web/mobile technologies: CloudSQL, Google Cloud Storage, NoSQL with MongoDB, messaging (including bulk mailing with SendGrid), mobile device management.